Batterieverbindungskabel Polklemme auf Polklemme ohne Polabdeckung

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0,45 m
Polklemme Minuspol (normaler Rundpol)Polklemme Pluspol (normaler Rundpol)
35 mm²
Kabel Querschnitt
150 A
Max. Strombelastung
0,24 kg
0,45 m


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Very Low Quality
This Cable is pretty much as Much Chinese as you can Expect.
All Electric Devices are High Quality, but the Cables, at least this One, i would avoid.. it probably Works but for me its useless.

The Battery Connection is attached to the cable by an extremely simple Clamp that fell of at one side..

I decided to go a bit overkill and made myself a Heavy Duty replacement One from Industrial Quality Scraps i still have left over from Building a new Luxury Cruise ship a few years ago.

This said the advertised cable, it should be 50mm² but i measured it and its in between 35mm² and 50mm². Also the Isolation around the Cable is over very inferior type of plastic. I highly doubt the longlivety of the plastic/rubber..

So, since the parts i got delivered where loose and thinner as advertised, i went out and bought from a specialized shop two Profi + & - Minus connectors with 10mm bolt connection. Got a spare 70mm² Doubble isolated CE-certified Cable with Crimp-Onn 70mm²/10mm(hole) Sockets and pressed those on with a Hydraulic press.

Now i dare to use this as the Connection between two Batteries to make 24Volt who gonna Supply the Juice for the Ective SI-30 (3.000Watt) inverter.
That thing is a Beauty, so it deserves Profi Quality Cables.
I really Love the Ective Equipment, only this Chinese Cables where a Bummer.
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